Rolling bag

Rolling bag Roquecycle & Minimi

Rodando a Saco is a circus show of a popular genre, which shines especially in outdoor spaces and with audiences of all ages. Minimi and Roquecycle are two agile and charismatic characters.

Each one with very different characteristics, they join forces to overcome their fears and to do more and more daring things. The virtuosity of their actions is overwhelmed by clumsiness, navigating a myriad of emotions that go from astonishment to laughter in an instant.

The limits vanish in each skill, and overflowing with enthusiasm they will look for complicity in the audience to make each presentation a unique moment.

Technical sheet

Show length 30 or 45 minutes.
With and By Dolores Ruiz and Roque Niklison.
Audience Aimed at all ages group.
Stage Minimum stage place 6mts x 6mts x 6mts high.
Sound Conection for two wireless microphones and one for audio.
Lithing Basic lighting if indoor or night show.

Eguap has travelled close to 20 countries with this show, nurturing and perfecting each scene along the way, with each language, with each culture. A classic street theater show, with acrobatic scenes and physical theater that carries a pleasant mood of good humor.

Criaturas mínimas

She is a small being, with simple emotions, who mutates and transforms. The impulse shapes the matter in search of an authentic aspect.

Going through different states, she opens his world to the audience to show all the facets of an authentic and adorable creature. Circus and physical theater in a show full of hints of humor and poetic images.

  • With and By: Loli Ruiz
  • Technical assistance: Roque Niklison
  • Duration: 30 minutos
  • Design: LupeGuada
  • Aimed at public of all ages.

Data sheet

  • Scenic space of 6mts x 6mts smooth and flat floor
  • Structure or bridge for hanging at least 6 meters high, or four anchor points for own structure (500kg weights, drill bits, stakes)


Roquecycle don't stop. A stubborn character, as bold in skill as he is in the fall. A fan of rolling, this insane clown will take balance to unexpected places.

The scenes revive through irony and humor the characteristic risk of the traditional circus. A collection of unicycles of all sizes are the engine of this show with many kilometers in its tracks.

  • With and By: Roque Niklison
  • Duration: 35 minutos
  • Directed to all public

Data sheet

  • Scenic sp ace of 6mts x 6mts smooth and flat floor
  • For unicycles 5m tall and above:
    Structure or bridge for a lifeline with a minimum height of 6 meters, or four anchor points for own structure (500 kg weights, drill bits, stakes)