Circo CasQu

Circo CasQu is a cooperative project created in 2012, which seeks to decentralize contemporary circus arts and transform artistic proposals within a circus tent.

Formed as a work cooperative, it is a group of professionals arts performers, with a long individual trajectory. The union and fusion of their experiences and skills, inside and outside stage, is what makes them featured and drives them to carry out this common dream.

"Bucuros" is a show created in 2021 and is currently available.


A meeting of a distant family who come upon again every year to share their adventures, their travel stories and their future experiences.

In some uncertain place the meeting happens, and this group of artists, musicians and travelers coexist between joys and hardships, displaying incoherent conflicts that will make this meeting a real mess.

A theatrical circus show, with live music, where the virtuosity of skills is shaped by the identity of each characters, making up this story of nomadic families.

  • Interpreters: Tristana Muraro, Agustin Aiello, Mariano Carneiro, Paula Berón, Dolores Ruiz, Hugo Amado, Roque Niklison y Belen Taranto
  • Direction: Mariano Pujal
  • Technical assistance: Javier Davis
  • Production: Coop.Circo al Frente Ltd.
  • “Búcuros” is a collective creation of CircoCasQu company.

Mas info:

The tent

The tent "La Martona"

Circo CasQú was born in 2012 due to the need of two artists to make a step forward, from the streets and unconventional spaces to the circus tent. After a lot of work and dedication to carry out a dream, we managed to build our own tent. We call it LaMartona, sometimes also our great red volcano, which sometimes erupts and lets flow all the art and magic of Circo Casqú.

A contemporary circus show in the traditional tent, which seeks to tour cities and towns in order to reach all possible corners. We are a new generation of circus, with an immense passion for this art and much desire to carry out this romantic project of popular art. Conformed as a working cooperative, the CasQu company keeps turning. Come and see...

Measures 24mts round
Inside height 9mts
Ground 35mts x 35mts (for deployment and assembly).
Stage 7.30mts x 7.30mts and 10cm high.
Capacity 400 people between steps and chairs.
Colors Outside Red, inside Black.
Materials Fireproof Canvas and Blackout (allowing total darkness at any time of the day).
Equipment Three-phase electrical connection (16 A) for lighting equipment and professional stage sound.
Heating Equipment of 100000 kcal.

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